Core Services

  • Industrial Products

    Gumpert’s provides the baking industry with value added, custom manufactured products backed by a service-oriented R&D program. We aim to deliver products tailored to your production environment. Gumpert’s specializes in fruit preparations and base mixes for use in the manufacture of cookies, cereal bars and pastries. Our products are bake/freeze/thaw stable and are produced with an HACCP environment for optimum food safety. In addition, we provide co-packing and private label as an integral part of our service commitment.

    Gumperts is a leader in the supply of graham and chocolate crumb, cake toppings and inclusions. These are all formulated to have no artificial colours or flavours and no hydrogenated fats.  If you are searching for a distinctive bakery filling, topping, mix or glaze, or wish to develop new and innovative ingredients, put our team of knowledgeable sales and R & D professionals to work for you.

    For further information on how Gumpert’s sales, product development and customer service teams can help develop, unique and profitable items for your bakery and/or food service accounts, please contact us.

  • Bakery, Institutional and Food Service

    Whether its food service, healthcare or bakery, we have the right product mix to help you grow. Should you require a unique product tailored for your business alone, our R&D department can help. For more detailed information on our products, please fill out our request form here.

  • Retail Private Label

    Gumpert’s has a rich heritage in supplying a wide range of wet and dry blended products to the bakery industry, and we have brought this expertise and service orientation to the Grocery Retail Private Label segment.

    With an onsite R&D lab, a range of packaging formats, leading edge quality assurance programs, aggressive pricing and superior customer service, we aspire to be your Private Label solution in the bakery aisle of your grocery.