Gumperts offers 250+ baking and retail grocery products!

Specializing in Graham and Cookie crumbs, specialty mixes, and pastry fillings.


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Helpful Tidbits

Does Gumperts supply products to industrial bakers?

Gumperts supplies the baking industry with cookie and pastry fillings as well as graham and chocolate crumb. These are available in industrial formats.

What certifications does Gumperts have?

Gumperts is a BRC AA rated facility. We are also federally and provincially registered. We also are FDA compliant.

Does Gumperts export product?

We ship all across North America and to other parts of the world.

Does Gumperts carry nuts?

Gumperts is a nut free facility. We do not handle nuts.

Do Gumperts products contain High fructose corn syrup?

We avoid HFCS . Gumperts uses real Cane sugar.

Does Gumperts produce product for the grocery store?

Gumperts produces a wide assortment of Private Label, Store Brands for the grocery baking aisle. We offer Premium Cake, Cookie and Muffin Mixes as well as Graham and Chocolate Baking Crumbs and Ready to Use pie shells.


Is Gumperts Kosher?

All of the products we produce are Kosher.

What is NAFNAC?

This means No Artificial Flavours No Artificial Colours. Gumperts products are NAFNAC

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